Established on October 20, 2012 the Delaware Bigfoot Center is dedicated to the study of the sasquatch phenomenon in the First State.  The little state of Delaware is a highly-industrialized and densely-populated place but there are a few pockets of swampy, wooded area in southern Kent County and scattered about in Sussex County that could be visited by a sasquatch from time to time. People in the state report seeing panthers in these areas every so often, and once in a blue moon there are reports of a black bear wandering through the woods and swamplands. Coyotes have recently returned to Delaware in small numbers. Bobcats are spotted on rare occasions. The deer herd is about 30,000. So there is some suitable land for wildlife to exist. Why not a roving sasquatch or two every so often? It is possible that one of these creatures (if they really exist) could wander into Delaware from neighboring Maryland. We have established the Delaware Bigfoot Center to investigate the mystery and perhaps generate some new sighting reports (or older ones) from residents of this state.

There are only four sighting reports that we are aware of from Delaware at this time. And here they are. Make of them what you will.


LOCATION: New Castle County

DATE: April 1999

SOURCE: Florida Skunk Ape Forum

DETAILS : Man claims to have observed a large creature over 6 feet tall and covered in brown hair eating animal crap behind a school in Hockessin. Claims he observed it for 45 minutes and all sorts of other details given in this absurd report. 


LOCATION: Kent County

DATE: Summer 2000

SOURCE: DBFC Files (Personal Interview)

DETAILS: Delaware Bigfoot Center director Anderson met a 56-year old man (former captain in the Marine Corps) who told him about an incident that he claims took place in June or July of 2000 near the boundaries of Taber Park in southern Kent County. While out walking one morning witness and his wife observed in the distance (about 50 yards) a black object which they first thought was a bear. The thing was apparently bent over and either picking up something or looking at something on the ground at the edge of a field with high grass. Close - a few feet from woods. When it popped its head up and stood erect, witnesses were astonished to see a 'gorilla'. Male witness observed the creature with the naked eye for about ten seconds and then looked at it through bionoculars for another ten seconds or so.... His words... "It was a gorilla. Not a bear or a man in a costume. It was a gorilla and we both saw it as plain as day. We were both stunned and thrilled to see it. A gorilla in the woods of Delaware! It never looked our way and after it was done doing whatever it was doing in the field it entered the woods and that was the end of the sighting. I will never forget it. It was black with a gray or silver tinge to its fur. It was about 5 feet tall. About 400 pounds. We could only see it from about the thighs up. But we could see great bulk on it and a pointed head. Its neck was very thick. Its face was not at all manlike. It was the face of a gorilla.

Witness claims he sat and waited about ten minutes before walking over to the spot where it was. No tracks. No odor. No sign. It was at about this time that the man's wife suggested that the thing might have been a Bigfoot. They both decided to get out of the area.

Investigator's Comments .... I've interviewed quite a few people over the years who claim to have seen a Bigfoot type creature. None impressed me as much as this fellow. His report inspired me to form the DBFC.


LOCATION: Sussex County

DATE: June 7, 2003


DETAILS: Man and his 18 year old son claim to have briefly observed  creature (s) while driving west on Route 404 near Coolspring and Gravel Hill. At about 1:30am they slowed down to avoid hitting a doe and father observed the 'silihouette' of the side profile of a big, bipedal 'thing' move across the road 'quickly and in a purposeful manner' about 100-150 feet from the truck. Son observed a 'tall one in front and a shorter one behind it.' The big thing was over 6 foot tall. The smaller one about 'chest high' to the big one. Son saw long arms on both swinging back and forth as they entered the woods.


LOCATION: Sussex County

DATE: January 2004


DETAILS: Witness on way home from night classes at Del Tech witnessesed creature standing by a utility pole looking into the woods with back to the witness. Witness claims this took place on Asbury Road near Georgetown at about 8:55pm. Creature was covered with thick black hair that came to a 'point at the top of the head'. No hair on hands. 7 to 8 feet tall. Witness saw the face and later made a sketch of the creature for the BFRO.